Do you think your gym lovers are following the right path to achieve their fitness goal? It is essential to understand that all types of strength training is different from one another depending upon the goal required for the right type of working program. Training for maximum strength requires heavy weights, while we help in improving explosive strength which requires moving light-to-moderate weights as fast as possible.

We strongly believe that lean muscle is better at burning calories when the body is at rest and strength training helps in building muscle which is an important factor whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain it. With the help of strength training that we provide, your joints and bones will get stronger, will minimize the risk of injury and build muscular endurance.

We also train Calisthenics which is a workout using less equipment with creative and freestyle moves. Calisthenics uses abilities such as pushing, pulling, squatting, bending, twisting and balancing. Some of the most common workout include muscle ups, handstand hold and push ups, dive bomber push ups, human flag, typewriter pull ups and many more. In other words, Calisthenics is an advanced level for Body Weight Training with more creative freestyle moves. Under our guidance you can learn Calisthenics for both recreational and professional athletes.

We train our members CrossFit using non-traditional weightlifting equipment such as kettlebells, sand-bags, suspension systems or water-filled implements. We train our members with CrossFit which helps one to promote both physical exercise and competitive fitness sport. Our method of CrossFit is structured in such a way that participants are challenged to do a certain number of repetitions in a workout in a specific time frame. With the help of CrossFit, you can accomplish any goal, from improved health to weight loss to better performance.

We have a workout sessions for people who are tired of their fat and want to cut down. We include workouts such as (Workouts). We also help our clients with proper diet that will help you in gaining a perfect compositions of nutrients which are essential for one’s body progress. We ensure that exercise becomes a part of your routine in a meaningful way. You need to make sure that you will push yourself in every workout you do for better and quick results.

We also cover High Intensity Training which is a form of interval training exercise which is a short period workout until the person gets exhausted to continue. These kind of workout lasts less than 30minutes. The duration of such workout also depends on the intensity of the session.

In other words, High Intensity Training is similar to a warm up exercise in order to loosen the tight muscles.

Functional fitness is a classification of training that prepares the body for real-life movements and activities. With the help of functional training, body movements will be made easier with functional fitness racially into your exercise routine. Functional training include body movements such as walking, jogging, running, sprinting, jumping, lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, turning, standing, starting, stopping, climbing, and lunging which will ultimately improve functional strength.

Ever wished to have a physique that is pleasing to the eye just because everything about it is proportionate to one's skeletal structure, including the head? Now you can also gain this kind of muscle with our aesthetic training from our professional trainers. Don't worry!! Aesthetic professionals does not make one less of a normal body builder. Come and experience aesthetic workout under Iron Fitness’ roof with well trained professionals.